Board Meeting Minutes, August 7, 2019

The Summer Harmony administrative board met following rehearsal at 9:30 pm, on August 8th at First Presbyterian Church

Members present: Dave Adam, Larry Benner Chris Buss, Mike Conrad, Doug Helfrich, Joel Hurley, Nelson Rabenold, and Vinny Trovato

1. The meeting focused on preparations for our final summer season concert on August 25th at Christ Lutheran Church.

2. Nelson provided a Treasurer’s Report. Our current balance is $1,800, with expected payments this week of $1,120.62 and receipts of $297 from Iron Pigs guest ticket sales. All member dues have been paid.

3. Doug reported that we have 28 singers and 27 guests attending the Iron Pigs game on Thursday, August 8th. We have “extra” tickets that will be distributed at the game to take advantage of the $2 food credit for each ticket.

4. We discussed promotion for our final summer season concert on Sunday, August 25th and the Christmas concert on Sunday, December 15th.

  1. Postcards with details of the two concerts were sent to our mailing list of approximately 1,000 addresses on August 1st. Cost for this printing and mailing was $445.62, which will be paid this week as noted in the Treasurer’s Report.
  2. Dick McCreight has arranged for a number of promotional opportunities, including Facebook, calendar events with local newspapers, the Morning Call GoGuide, and local television and radio stations. We may have a camera crew film at our concert on August 25th.
  3. A last-minute blitz will be made to local nursing homes. Dave Adam sent posters to all of the nursing homes in June, but he has not received any ticket requests to date.
  4. Ticket sales are slow. We will continue to emphasize ticket sales promoted by our members.

5. Vinny requested the addition of one rehearsal to insure all of our selections are as polished as possible. We discussed a number of different dates as options, ultimately deciding on Monday, August 19th at 7:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church after confirming Mike Krentz’s availability. We will be rehearsing in the Sanctuary as the choir room will be occupied for another meeting that evening.

6. We discussed logistics for the August 25th concert:

  1. Special parking has been arranged for chorus members behind the white Blue Cross / Blue Shield building on Hamilton Street just to the east of Christ Lutheran Church. Access to the lot is by the intersection of 12th and Court Streets.
  2. Reporting time will be 1:30 PM with an attempt to complete our final preparations BEFORE the doors open. Although the tickets indicate that the doors will be opened at 2:30 PM, it is very challenging to control entrance to the seating area at the church. Therefore our goal is to complete our final preparations by 2:00 PM.
  3. Volunteer ushers will be given a comp ticket. Darise Hoffmann, Jim’s wife, will be coordinating the usher duties. The need for 3 to 4 ushers was announced to the members following tonight’s rehearsal break.
  4. Do we have an intermission or a continuous program like the June / July concerts? This will depend on the projected length of the program. If no more than 90 minutes, then a continuous program is possible. Final determination will be made prior to the printing of the program.
  5. We are considering an insert in the program that would ask how our patrons heard about the concert to better guide our promotions in the future. To incentivize a return of the insert with name and address information, we would offer the chance at two free tickets for our Christmas concert. Information on insert returns would also be added to our mailing list.
  6. We are planning on having a handout (card) to distribute to patrons as they leave the concert to provide information about our Christmas concert and other useful information such as our website address.

7.     We are planning a reception for members and guests following the August 25th concert. Mike Conrad will be coordinating food and beverages and will ask for assistance from the members as needed.

8.     We took special note of Frank Romaker’s retirement from the chorus and the board, and acknowledged all of the work he did in support of the group. We unanimously proposed Dick McCreight as a replacement board member, identifying his special promotional skills as an asset. Dick has accepted our offer to become a board member.

9.     We decided to make Lauren Curnow an honorary member of Summer Harmony. We will “present” her with this recognition at our dress rehearsal on Friday, August 23rd at Christ Lutheran Church. Please keep it a secret until the recognition is officially made.

Next meeting – Date and time will be determined sometime during the weeks between our final summer concert on August 25th and our first rehearsal for the Christmas concert on Monday, October 8th.