What People Say...

“What great voices!”-from Facebook

“Great concert! We really enjoyed the talent these gentlemen shared with all of us!”-from Facebook

“It was fun indeed !!!”-from Facebook

“I loved the Show Boat Medley! Loved hearing “Old Man River” done as a chorus!”-from Facebook

“Best show yet. Can’t wait to be back with you guys.”-from Facebook

“They were awesome. They really have a good show; the harmonizing is superior.”-from Facebook

“Wonderful to see such hard work and dedication, gentlemen! Favorite song? All of them!”-from Facebook

“5 stars! The concert yesterday at Christ Lutheran Church in Allentown was Fabulous in all ways. Thank you so much!!!”-from Facebook

“Great entertainment!”from Facebook

“You were beyond expectation! Loved it!”-from Facebook

Extremely well done. I really enjoyed it!”from Facebook

“I’d like to congratulate you on you wonderful summer season”-from Facebook

“They are a great bunch of guys who love to sing and are very good at it.”-from Facebook

What a wonderful evening.  The program of songs was so entertaining.  I knew the lyrics to almost all of them!  The selections of “oldies but goodies” brought back great memories of the 50’s.  The touch of humor with the red cowboy hat being passed around during group of western songs was great fun.  Who doesn’t love Ghost Riders in the Sky?-from Facebook

“Always look forward to an enjoyable evening with Summer Harmony! This group of men who “just love to sing” prove it with their song! Wonderful talent! Can’t wait for next year!” –from Facebook

“I really like this new director.  He is a keeper.” overheard after the End of Summer Concert.

“Thank you!! It was wonderful!!!!! 🙂 Our 4 year-old son enjoyed it immensely also!!” –from Facebook

“I really enjoyed last night’s concert! The guys did a splendid job. Loved the solos. Thanks Vinnie for your humble leadership. So glad you are a part of this great group.”  -from Facebook.

Excellent concert. Summer Harmony was in great form and always enjoy hearing the great Allentown Band”  –from Facebook

“I sat behind a couple tonight; the wife told me she and her husband were celebrating their 56th Wedding Anniversary and she told her husband she would rather celebrate it by going to a Summer Harmony concert than go out to dinner. They were such a beautiful couple. I just want you guys to know how much people love you and how much happiness you all bring. Keep it up, can’t wait till next summer!!!!” –from Facebook