Membership History

As many as 120 men were members of the chorus in the early days, many from the Allen Chorale and the SPEBSQSA chorus. Our ages range from 24 to 86, and for you mathematicians, the mean is 64, the mode is 65 and the median 65.

A dozen stalwarts have been here 20+ years; another 17 for more than 15 years. 23 guys came aboard three or less years ago. Don’t reach for your calculators – the remaining 28 members have between 4 and 14 years with Summer Harmony. The overall average is 10.3 years per man.

We have doctors (physicians, dentists, scientists and educators),  lawyers, but no Indian chiefs that we know of. Several of the members are either actively engaged in the music profession or retired from it. Engineers top the list of individual professions, but there are also accountants, bankers, teachers, technicians, salesmen and a wide variety of interesting professional and vocational pursuits.

Our first on stage concert was performed at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in August 1991. About 100 men sang that evening, and  all music was sung from memory. The first tune rehearsed and the first presented in concert was Brothers, Sing On and we’re happy to continue to sing this piece.

We have a couple of standard opening numbers (not counting the Star Spangled Banner which we use depending upon the setting). For many years we opened with It’s a Grand Night for Singing, and have settled for now with In the Good Old Summertime, with the accompanying narrative.

We have sung the Battle Hymn of the Republic  over 200 times in concert. Not at all concerts, but certainly at most.

Please contact our Membership Chairman from more information on joining Summer Harmony.

Brothers, Sing On!